Tips to ensure the success of Net Promoter Score

Taking into account the following recommendations Net Promoter Score /NPS has a strong ability to affect company’s self-regulation in a positive way.

If NPS is set properly it has capability to influence business financial results*

The absolute key of NPS success is INVOLVEMENT of both – employees and customers. Employees have to be involved throughout the organization – both top-down and bottom-up, front line and back office and who thus deliver significant improvement in the results. Thanks to such integrated method customer opinion can shape quickly and substantially organization and it’s processes.

Most essential:

1 react NPS has real benefit if organization at all levels make judgments and really take actions based on clients’ recommendations and ratings.

2 stick to SIMPLICITY! The questionnaire must remain simple – no more than 1-2 questions, which guarantee more respondents, and usually the same (even more …) actions to improve results. If you do not have the time and opportunity to deal with all the replies, why to bother even asking! “Less is more!”

3 leave a chance to comment It may be surprising how willing customers are to explain their rating. From comments you can read more about what customers do or do not like. If the client understands the power of his word and ability to affect the company’s future development, he would be happy to contribute and the company gets regular feedback directly from the source regarding strengths and weaknesses. It is vital to build customer trust and to let her/him know that you are really reacting based on given feedback!

4 provide feedback Say the customer Thank you! for given evaluation. Or as soon as you get the negative assessment resolve the problem. Give feedback! It would be great if for example once a year you share an overview of the developments you have taken based on key recommendations made in the NPS questionnaire. Customers are more willing to give feedback if they know that this is worth and a company really reacts. Besides … this kind of 2-sided communication grows real loyalty towards you.

5 teach to listen (= respect) your customer Communicate the organization on a rolling basis (eg 1x per week) the NPS comments – show openly to all management customers’ evaluations /comments. Show the positive feedback to everyone in organization. In this way all can see and learn from the good tips. And NPS turns a very good learning tool as well teaching organization to listen and to take notice of the client. Discuss negative assessments individually with the recipient in a constructive way of the reasons of why such an evaluation was conducted and what to do for improvement. Listening in this open & regular way – makes organization really and quickly to react. No one wants to be the bad guy J!  

6 do not shape your opinion based only on one evaluation For conclusions, I recommend at least 50 responses. However, you can find out the bottlenecks in the process as early as the first estimates arrive.

7 provide “carrots and sticks” Communicate the NPS results regularly showing openly the results of all different units. This creates a good element of competition between teams. Teams find the reasoned justification, or will soon look for the ways to improve results and thoroughly analyze the client’s verdicts.

8 prioritizing is the KEY  Bind the results to performance fees – not just the customer service staff but all employees and their managers – including top management (very important!) and back office. This motivates really and quickly to be interested of the causes specified by the client and to undertake the necessary changes.

9 support healing contest! Measure the NPS results of various units in addition to the overall average NPS outcome. It is rather usual that the units within the company have different results – both by objective and subjective reasons. This kind of contest between units is healing – you as manager can just praise the best and the weakest ones start to strive quickly themselves for better results. NB! The results could be different also for objective reasons. E.g. the results of sales department are usually better than the results of customer trouble handling department. Healing contest is the best managerial situation – you can conduct positive managerial style with rapidly improving results from initiated voluntarily down-to-top J

At the beginning of the NPS method implementation variety of reactions as a rule arise as the common “course of disease” which takes approximately half a year :

non-acceptance  “what is that?”

denial “the result is not associated with my work and I can not change it anyhow!”

adaptation  “WOW  – I have experienced that through my activities I can actually change the outcome”

habitude ” I have now habit to take always into account the customer opinion”             


* I have experienced 2014 the reduction of customers churn by 21% within a year after NPS implementation in a way described above