The most important is competence … and then speed


Customers say today that the most expected from businesses is competence. And then the speed.

Considerably fewer count the price in decision making. Price becomes important when there is lack of competence and speed. The price war is for the company in most cases the downward path in spiral.

Consequently, all starts from competence?

What is competence?  This is knowledge + skill to pass this to the customer. Competent employees are also fast. But … acquiring knowledge takes time in most cases. Consequently, the smaller the service staff turnover, the greater the expertise. And you need to cut down your price less for competition.

Thus everthing begins for the company by great staff retention – fair fee, involvement, listening, development and great ambience composition.

So, a successful company can keep its good service employees … and is able to move up along the success-spiral. It’s as simple as such.

Oh, yes – good leaders are also needed. Those who are quick, dare to trust, change get everybody involved and are able to respect.