Symbiosis between brand and service

When creating brand, it is essential that customer could understand and trust the brand peculiarities and its positive value.


Company logo is the foundation of the business branding. It is probably the first interaction that will take place with customers. An effective logo can establish the right tone and set the the characteristic spirit of a culture, essence as manifested in its beliefs and aspirations.

When setting a logo those questions are to be asked before :

  • What emotions does the logo generate? Is the meaning behind the same that logo reflects? Does it have any meaning? Could the meaning be understood when looking at logo?
  • Is the logo by sense, color etc in symbiosis with your products, target customers and company?
  • Is the brand & logo unique, clear and instantly recognizable?

But … it is absolutely important to bear in mind that brand and service environment* of a particular entity should be in logical connection = symbiosis

Internal and external identity must support each other and cannot! be random or incoherent. Companies do not often pay attention that marks of the service network appear rather different from given brand messages. Service environment could in such cases be characterized as worn, uneven, old-fashioned, dark, closed, sad, quiet, serious, bureaucratic, cost-saving, cheap, unprofessional, inward, indifferent, careless, …Traits that are most possibly not used in branding :)

Service elements are most certainly part of the brand communication, mirroring the image of the actual nature of the company. Brand and service environment discrepancies create in most cases customers’ confusion and mistrust towards the company. Regardless of company’s will, variety of characters influence always conscious and subconscious communication to the surrounding environment.

One of the service design goals is to create an emotional value, which is able to strengthen customers’ confidence and thereby increase brand loyalty. Important for service designers is not to follow what seems nice but what matches to the brand message. The brand and the service channels bearing the same message must reach the same settlement structure to meet the company’s core values and vision.

Services / service design elements help to create positive stories related to the company = brand recognition = customer confidence to the company and the provided services

Subconsciously we all perceive the different messages given by signs. The meaning of the signs could be given by promises, colors, messages, location, accessibility, status, emotion, cleanliness, ease, attitude, temper etc.

Bear in mind that:

  • Light, material, color, smell, sound, attitude, behavior, other customers – affect customer mood and judgment.
  • The more pleasant moments you create in service-points, the more customers trust the brand and are attracted to use the services again.
  • When designing services, the situations where customer feels confused must be avoided. The client feels stupid and/or irritated when he does not know how to behave as expected – ie services set-up is too complex for him to handle.
  • Customer first impression is hardly objective, but is crucial. It occurs rapidly within seconds grabbing a whole as far as it is possible to perceive / see / feel. In first impression more important is what customer feels than what he sees.


* service environment: any direct or indirect contacts with customers: incl social media, homepages, e-services, call centers, bulk mailing, etc