Service design aims smooth use of services – smooth living mode

Service design

Most of service situations are packed with functions, people, emotions. Service design puts all these 3 together as equal parts. And this is substantial.

This is often asked – how to involve people in a process that is generally felt cold and unwanted. It can be made happen by addressing all sectors of service: people, places and processes.

Remember – when designing services you have to try and make an error, you have to try again, make an error and try again …

Give customer control – tell in service process what’s gonna happen and how customer could help to make the entire service process smooth and perfect.

You have to make sure that everyone in service process – the client and the customer service people, know what is the real aim of their activities. And what is the best way to achieve this.

The service places are like the tip of an iceberg – the only thing customer could see. Behind that, under the waterline there are the processes and people who are making it solid, smooth and pleasant.  Service coaches who work inside the whole system should develop the process by highlighting the good. The best results in service could be achieved only in positive atmosphere.

Ask people to describe how they feel when they experience your service. Provide as much as possible information about the service to your customer. Take care that the terminology used, when talking to a customer, is easy to understand.

Better awareness improves the perceived service quality – always!