Why Net Promoter Score?

customerreviewpeopleToday large number of companies all over the world use the NPS index (Net Promoter Score) to measure customer satisfaction and get quick hints for development. This is despite of fact that the method of this metric is only about ten years old. NPS main principle is trivial and linear – client recommends only those brands or companies whose goodness he is sure of.

Opponents argue that the measure does not give the full picture, and often requires interpretation. Having experienced variety of different in-depth researches, I would argue that NPS one of the most effective support engine for customer focused rapid changes for an enterprise.

One of the most significant NPS secrets to success lies in the simplicity and speed for both – the company and the customer.

Companies often experience a difference in evaluation given to the company and the service staff. Why? And what to for improvement the evaluation ?

Assessments given to the company and to the employee are almost always different and in favor to the last. The better the rating for the company and the lesser the difference with the employee’s grade, the stronger is the company’s position in the market.

The most important factor on business assessment is of course the quality of specific service situation. If this is weak, it usually always has negative effect to the company results.

Another significant factor, in order to improve the company evaluations is the brand – if its content is understandable and is positively visible. In other words it’s communication presence in media, social media, personalized communications efficiency (e-commerce helps a lot in here) and public visual identity.


1. increase your footprint in social media

2. enhance bilateral regular communication in e-sales and e-service channels, which has great potential to support business communication capabilities

3. pay attention whether the company’s external brand identity coincides with the displayed messages and is not confusing.

Compliance with recommendations above has a positive impact to the NPS / customer loyalty and hence the company’s financial results!