G4S invests in customer service

Press release 06/05/2012

Estonian market leader in security services G4S carries out a comprehensive customer care reform, under which G4S is going to improve existing processes and invest in innovative and more convenient customer service solutions.

Wishing to provide a more flexible customer service and to speed the customer support up G4S introduced in the beginning of June g4s - sdoor15the call distribution system and launched technical support unit. All calls made to number 1911 are now divided by the reason  – so saving the caller and the receiver time and speeding up the security service. The operational goal of the new technical customer support unit is to provide technical advice over the phone. More frequent technical issues could be solved over the phone, when more complex concerns take place – the technician will be sent to the client.

Service reform will also change the security group structure: G4Si is about to add a new unit responsible for customer service, under the leadership of Ene Raja. Ene Raja has international management experience, she has previously worked in senior management of Tele2 Group, being responsible for strategic customer relationship management of 22 European Markets. 2010-2011, she led the Retail Banking division of SEB in Estonia.

G4S Customer Service Division Director Ene Raja said that latest customer satisfaction surveys indicate that security companies are evaluated the most for prompt responsiveness and effective problem resolution: “We want to expand this narrow point of view, and provide more to customers. Experiences received from security company, regardless of the occasion have to be positive, memorable and uplifting customer safety, “said Raja.

By the end of this year it is planned in addition to develop the motivation and career model for employees based on competency and skill and knowledge management program to support technical expertise, 2013-2014 is planned to invest in internet-based customer self-service and analytical CRM software improvements and a staff e-training system. These improvements allow faster, more convenient and valuable customer relationship, better competence levels of G4S employees, in-depth customer knowledge and simpler workflows.

G4S Estonia has repeatedly earned the Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Estonian Institute of Economic Research  the title of the most competitive service company. G4S security group has an excellent credit rating (AAA).


Head of communications G4S Julia Garanža