e-service creates a strong competitive advantage

Last week we participated together with Hendrek Kraavi (strategy and creative director of ADM Interactive –  Estonian leading web-design agency) – e-services and service design seminar in Tallinn.

Our aim was to provide some answers to the following questions:

  1. What are the consumer-expectations towards e-services today?
  2. How to plan, design and manage the customer experience in Internet?
  3. How e-services affect the profitability and create competitive advantages for a company?
  4. How to create a beneficial e-service for a customer and how this reveals process errors?

Some notes from our presentation


E-channel is no longer just a nice alternative, but is becoming today the core value of a company. Internet, offering almost unlimited alternative choices is supporting to lift the power from a company to the consumer.

It is increasingly difficult today to differentiate by product or price. Still … there is option to differentiate by customer experience – stand out by an e-service quality, which is more convenient for the customer and eventually also more efficient for business.

Many of the conventional services, or companies are entering the IT sphere. Associated with the development of information complexity and amount of data makes the craft excessively time- and competence consuming. The solution here is a high quality e-service environment that enables new, more valuable and meaningful customer service.

E-service gives the company more opportunity to be operational and accessible during rush hours, and allow for a clearer direct interaction with a larger number of customers. e-channel permits the capability for a company to be prompt, attentive and visible, willing to listen, to hear, and to assist customer whenever necessary.

e-service allows entirely new service types, products, which are not feasible in face-to-face services. E.g. – give more information, more flexibility up to the services where visual element is vital.

Therefore, when developing a new e-channel – think out of box! The worst would be if you develop channel, which just reflects conventional service process and is subjected to outdated bureaucracy.

e-channel must let consumers to be more close to your enterprise and provide more than conventional services. In this case e-channel is capable of giving really strong competitive advantage.

When developing e-channel – design customer service process and respectively adjust your internal processes. Do not forget it’s quite often small things you do that make a big difference