Environmental impact on customer behavior

The economic downturn of past years has had a significant impact on consumer behavior and preferences. Consumers evaluate today significantly more personal time and increasingly prefer to conclude service deals and make purchase decisions without leaving home. Decision-making bases on a comprehensive data available on the Internet. Thus, the reliability of e-channels, in addition to the security is affected a lot by  high-speed information availability and comfort of it’s operations.

Simple and user-friendly eChannel can be created only when the provider truly understands its customer’s expectations/needs and is able to interpret client’s point of view. In addition, the company is able to build up an eChannel which is self-explanatory, easy to use for client but contains a lot of information.


New IT related opportunities in market have changed customer expectations and judgements: businesses are expected to create more transparency, customer desires to figure accurately out on what he spends money and why. Customer expects more smart and sophisticated services simultaneously the ease and speed of communication and the convenience of service setting.

If customer expects at the same time product / service complexity and simplicity, it has definitely a strong impact on the solution of a communication skills and technique in eChannel. E.g. long texts are “out” – no one has more time to read them and often does not even know how to read a longer text in any other way than “diagonal”. The visual language of communication becomes viable – data transfer through pictures and video, which in turn brings together service and design.

The communication skill is one of the keys to eChannel success. Capacities to communicate, so that the customer can get an answer to his question quickly, and even better, when the other customers can be included to this discussion. Comments are open to everyone, the company is able to respond to questions quickly and openly, without fear of negative feedback. Communication openness could be affected positively by eChannel combination with social media.

The customer is today impatient towards incompetence, but is willing to pay more for quality.


– is waiting more information on purchasing decisions but would like to understand things easily and quickly;

– wants to have a good overview of the services consumed – not realizing that, selects the cheaper price;

– evaluates the speed, convenience and a competent information more than the price;

– prefers flexibility, consumption convenience of setting up the service in an appropriate just for him manner and degree.