e-service as competitive advantage

Are e-services expected by customers?

E-commerce is evolving today into essential communication and consumption medium for consumers.

23% of American insurance customers are currently using a range of different online channels, including providers’ own websites and blogs, to research purchases. However, compared to other areas, the use of online channels is relatively low across the region. In Europe, 32 percent of consumers are already using online sources for research, and in Asia-Pacific, the mark stands at 39 percent.

However, the personal contact is still essential—especially when it comes to claims, as 50 percent in the Americas want personal contact throughout the claims process.[1]

Different recent studies in Estonia have exposed that e-services are considered vital by over half of the business and private customers. e-sales and -service channels have become for us important communication and comsumption output.

Recent economic downturn have had a significant impact on consumer behavior and preferences. Customer evaluates today more personal time and is therefore more willing to do purchase decisions without leaving home. But his decisions are made on the basis of in-depth information available on the Internet. Besides security are e-channels more trusted for quick access to wide information and convenience.

New opportunities have altered significantly expectations: consumer ecpects more transparency from the service providers, desiring to understand, for what he spends the money and why. He looks for smart and sophisticated services, but at the same time the ease and speed of the service setting. He is impatient towards incompetence and on other hand is ready to pay more for quality.

Client desires flexibility, convenience in service consumption and alteration of the rules just in an appropriate manner and degree. Such technical capabilities are provided by e-channels, where he is ensured the easy access to information, assistance, and he is given the opportunity to make his own changes to services.

One of the keys of e-environment is the ability and skill to communicate. The customer must get answers quickly, and even better, when other customers are included to the discussion. Comments are open to everyone, and the company is able to respond quickly and openly. Communication openness is positively affected by the combination with social media.

One of the e-channel basic goals is to win customer confidence, “thanks to the e-service channel, things are under my control, the company has gained the trustworthyness due to being transparent for me”

Why does the enterprise need an e-commerce channel?

E-channel is no longer just an nice-to-have alternative, but is becoming today the need-to-have core value. Internet offering almost unlimited alternative choices is supporting to lift the power from a  company to the consumer.

Increasingly difficult is today to differentiate by product or price. Still there is option to differentiate by  customer experience. For example standing out by the e-service quality, which is more convenient for the customer and eventually also more efficient for business.

Many of the conventionl services, or companies are entering with their services to IT sphere. Associated with the information development, complexity and amount of data makes manual customer support excessively time- and competence consuming. The solution is a high quality e-service environment that enables new, more valuable customer services and more sales.

E-services give the company opportunity to be operational and accessible during rush hours, and allows for a more clear direct interactions with a larger number of customers. e-channel gives the capability to be prompt, attentive and visible – willing to listen, hear and assist customer whenever necessary.