Cutting-edge services are a prerequisite for economic growth

Today, economic growth of developed countries is driven mostly by services which provide today 2/3 of added value and new employment.

Focus of economic development is strongly shifting from “things” to creating value in services – the importance of product characteristics is shifting to specificity and positive customer relationship.

At a time when competing products and services are comparable in price and quality, which customers are adequately informed,  the purchase decision becomes more and more based on emotions and relationships. This is the reason why the mediocre quality of the customer relationship is no longer enough – winner is the one, who  is capable to surprise positively the client.

Based on Acccenture/an international management consultancy survey, clients are using following parametres to distinguish competitors: brand and reputation 59%, quality of service 50%, smoothness and speed of business 45% confidence, trust 33%. Lower prices were brought up only by 3%.

Paraphrasing Colum Lowe: “Only one company can have the best quality of services, others must compete with the price.”

When developing customer relationship it is critical to have the skills and ability to follow the the customer evolution – various web and mobile self-service solutions, social media, openness and speed of customer communication.

The question is no longer the price or the amount of time spent, but how the customer feels himself and how he is welcomed by the service provider. Received good or bad customer experiences are today more than ever shared through social media. Shared experience becomes often the main reason of final choice.

The main expectation of the client to the service provider is a human relationship.This is exactly the reason to look more closely at the mirror to decide whether the apparent self-image matches also to the client’s vision? Good service means the ability to place ourselves in the customer shoes: relate to your  customers as to your friends, talk to him as to your good colleague.

The worst thing a company can offer to it’s customer, is to make him feel insignificant and stupid.

Companies who see clients as just a mass to create profit get by return just expectations for ongoing discounts.

Service Providers who treat the consumer as equal partner have more loyal customers, even when the prices are higher.