Customers’ changed expectations for service companies

how to achieve higher levels of customer satisfaction and at the same time increasing the labor cost efficiency?

To stay competitive companies have realized, that service quality and customer satisfaction are becoming more important. In service quality and customer satisfaction one of the most important factor is now the amount of right information given to the clients ie the amount of knowledge to be shared.

However, it is vital for companies in the current economic situation to improve the efficiency of the labor costs … and keep the quality high which is often resource intensive. Therefore these two objectives see to be  quite opposite, There is a solution that could contain the answer to both – knowledge management.

complex-task-sdoor15Knowledge management is a complex, multi-layered concept with many meanings, however, most experts agree that this is a systematic management of knowledge in order to achieve economic benefits.

Specifically said, knowledge management  is the process that includes organizational learning, knowledge creation and sharing knowledge in special databases (Knowledge Base) and in trainings and meeting.

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