How customer experience is linked to customer loyalty?

In case a company wants next sale, good word of mouth, to keep customers, it’s unlikely that anything else the company does for business matters more than delivering a superior experience for customer.

Positive customer experience drives willingness to consider for another purchase, willingness to recommend, and reluctance to switch to a different provider. 

Age of Customer

Business development ages

(I) 1900 to 1960 the age of manufacturing – commercial success was achieved through production efficiency and affordable price;

(II) 1960 to 1990 the age of distribution – the key barrier to competition was a distribution network that brought goods from where they were cheapest to local stores;

(III) 1990 – 2010 the age of information – companies with information-centric products and services gained vast advantage. The power started to shift from sellers to buyers;

 (IV) 2010 – … the AGE of CUSTOMER when brand, manufacturing, distribution, and IT are equal and transparent stakes. Now the customer has extensive and quick access to product, price, services and competitor information with most convenient records about other customer opinions, recommendations or warnings.

It’s very easy for customers to know about products, services, competitors, and pricing via Internet social networks, mobile web access. Customer has power to destroy the service/product sharing widely his/her negative opinion in social media. If service/ product provider does not pay attention to customer opinion statements in different social communities, then customer could have better market overview than a company.

In this age, the main competitive advantage that is well managed customer experience.

What does customer experience management mean?

For efficient customer experience management a company needs to understand that the roots of customer experience success or failure lie deep within and around the company, not just with customer-facing employeess

Disciplines that customer experience leaders must master well:  strategy, customer understanding/ human psychology, anthropology,  service design, measurement, governance, company culture

Customer experience - Customer loyalty

Most  of traditional enterprises have had customer service function responsible for customer contact competent treatment in an efficient way . Customer Experience Management has much wider prospect.

Enterprise who wants to be successful has to decide who is taking at Customer Age the wider and professional role of customer management.